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The Mt Kanimbla Dash

Rising over 80 metres in less than 500 metres, the Mt Kanimbla Dash starts at the front entrance to the retreat at Megalong Place and ends at the trig point on the Mt Kanimbla peak. It may not sound that daunting, but few people have managed to run it without breaking.

The record is currently held by Chris Crowe, who completed the gruelling uphill sprint in just over 2 minutes 32 seconds, remarkably going harder as the terrain got steeper. Chris credited his remarkable performance to his tough Australian Army training that includes uphill running with an 11kg load on a daily basis.

The leading times for men are as follows:
2:32:15 Chris Crowe
2:53:46 Matt Brooks
3:14:50 Steve Blyth
3:16:55 Jonn Milroy
3:16:55 Chris Mills
3:18:93 Florian Knoepfel
3:19:10 Mike Rose
3:20:91 Devinder Garcha
3:27:86 Richard Lauder
3:45:99 Andrew Tulloch

The ladies record had been safe for over 3 years, until Pam Kimlin completed the challenge in 3 minutes 39 seconds, shaving almost 50 seconds off the original record. Some other very fit ladies have also attempted the challenge and recorded strong times since Pam's effort.

3:39:96 Pamela Kimlin
4:00:43 Rebecca Kimlin
4:06:67 Rebecca Stewart
4:27:05 Janine Rose
4:45:12 Carina McMurtrie
4:57:98 Angela Mills
5:19:09 Laura Blyth

A special mention goes to Bruce and Carina McMurtie who completed the Mt Kanimbla dash only a week after the birth of their first grand daughter, thus setting the innaugural record for the fastest times by grandparents (times were 4:43 and 4:45 respectively). We suspect that record may stand for a while!

If you're feeling energetic, why not test your stamina and your sanity by taking the Mt Kanimbla challenge during your stay!* Break the current record and you will receive a complimentary bottle of champagne!

*Please note that The Peak at Mt Kanimbla takes no responsibility for any injuries sustained in attempting this difficult challenge. It is recommended that any person attempting the Mt Kanimbla Dash be of above average fitness level and physically sound. Mental soundness may actually be a detriment.

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