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Terms and Conditions

We go out of our way to ensure that your chalet and your stay at The Peak is as perfect as possible. There is a catch however - we expect our guests treat the chalets, their inclusions and the property with the same care and consideration. We are grateful in that (with two exceptions in over ten years of trading) all our guests have been very considerate and reasonable people. Even the rock stars! (thank you!!).

Please take a few minutes to read the following Terms and Conditions before making a booking. Many of these conditions are also implied by law, but in spelling them out, at least you know where you stand before you commit to a booking, and importantly for our survival, it offers us protection from the occasional person who ‘tries it on’ or is not yet house-trained. By making a booking at The Peak at Mt Kanimbla, your acceptance of these conditions is implicit.

“Guest/s” is defined as a person or couple who have made a booking and/or who will be staying in short term holiday accommodation at either the Wallaby or Eagle chalets at The Peak at Mt Kanimbla.

Guest profile
Only two (2) consenting adults may stay in a chalet at any time. If you are in one of those interesting multi-partner relationships, pick your favourite (1) person only to accompany you on this occasion!

No persons between 0 to 18 years of age are admitted to the chalets. No babies, pets or budgies may be brought to The Peak at Mt Kanimbla. The Peak at Mt Kanimbla reserves the right to cancel the booking at any time and obtain compensation for lost earnings in such a situation.

Cancellation policy
Given that The Peak at Mt Kanimbla is a small and intimate retreat, cancellations affect us significantly. If you must cancel, please notify us at least 14 days prior to your intended arrival. Your deposit will be refunded, less a $50 booking fee.

If between 2 and 14 days’ notice is given, your deposit is non-refundable. We will make every effort to rebook your chalet, and if we are able to do so, your deposit will refunded, less the $50 fee.

If less than 48 hours’ notice is given, or it becomes necessary for you to depart earlier than your confirmed reservation dates, you are liable for the balance of the booking cost. Your credit card will be charged for all the nights booked and any costs already incurred for other activities.

The Peak at Mt Kanimbla recommends travel insurance as it may protect you if you cancel your holiday due to unforeseen circumstances.

Deposits and bookings
A deposit of 50% of the total cost of the accommodation package is required at time of booking, payable by Visa or MasterCard. A booking is not confirmed until the deposit has been received. The balance is payable when the guest is checking out.

In exceptional circumstances and with prior arrangement, a guest may make a booking by direct bank transfer. Where such a booking is made without a credit card, a $500 bond is required at time of booking in addition to the standard deposit. Assuming there are no damages or excessive cleaning required, this bond is refunded to the guest within 24 hours of departure. If there are damages or costs incurred that exceed the value of the bond (including lost revenue from incoming guests), the guest is required to make the additional payment within 7 days of being invoiced or legal proceedings against them will commence.

Damages and excessive cleaning
Legally, guests must keep the premises in a clean and tidy state , having regard to the condition of the premises at the start of their tenancy.

The kitchen is provided for guests in a clean and pristine state and it is expected that guests also leave it in as similar a condition as possible. Dishwashing liquid, sponges and tea towels are provided.

The Peak at Mt Kanimbla is fully entitled by law to make amends for damages and/or excessive cleaning and the guest acknowledges that the credit card used for the booking may be debited and they are liable.

An additional fee of ranging from $50 up to $495 (higher rate is paid if the chalet cannot be cleaned to the pristine condition required within the 3.5 hours cleaning time allocated to prepare it for incoming guests). If you accidentally break or damage something in the chalet, please let us know immediately. We are quite understanding and will try rectify it for you as soon as possible (or at least acknowledge the problem so that we can address it promptly after you check out). Only finding out after you check out that there is a problem or breakage may not allow us enough time to rectify it before our next guests check in, thus inconveniencing them.

Legally, guests must not intentionally or negligently cause or permit damage to the premises. Negligence means forgetting to do something which a reasonable person would usually do in the circumstances, or doing something which a reasonable person would not do. In simple terms, it is a lack of care or attention. The primary guest is also responsible for damage caused by other occupants of the premises or any person that the guest allows on the premises (other than staff and contractors of The Peak- we deal with them differently).

Hot tub
Because of the sensitive nature of the hot tub (we don't use harsh chemicals or chlorine), it does require more particular consideration than the hot tubs you would find in communal areas or public places. No foreign objects or additives are to be added to the hot tub (including bubble bath, soap, candle wax, massage oils, food pieces, bodily fluids or broken glass). We also request that you shower prior to using the hot tub. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the spa room.

The guest accepts that in such a situation he/she liable for a fee of $500, regardless of whether this is done willfully or negligently.

When not in use and overnight, the cover must be placed on the spa. Depending on the duration of the guest's stay, an appointment will be made for mid-stay refreshing and maintenance of the hot tub.

Care and consideration
When leaving the chalet the guest must ensure that all the doors are securely locked and all guests have vacated the building. The air-conditioning, gas fire and other electric equipment must be turned off. The hot tub must be left in a clean and tidy state.

Guests are expected to use ‘reasonable care and consideration’ with regard to usage of resources such as electricity, gas and water, by ensuring that they are not left running unnecessarily and when not in attendance.

If the chalet it is left in such a state that it cannot be made available within a reasonable time for an incoming guest on the same day, the outgoing guest is liable for an additional night’s accommodation charge at the full published rate, as well as any costs incurred due to additional cleaning and/or damages.

Chalet not available
The incoming guest understands that in such a situation where the chalet that they have booked is not available due to the actions or negligence of the previous guest, their compensation is limited to one night’s accommodation charge at the full published rate.

Where the chalet is not available to check in due to other unforeseen circumstances (such as electrical failure, natural disaster or illness/misfortune of the The Peak’s managers) your deposit if fully refundable. The Peak at Mt Kanimbla accepts no liability and will do everything within its ability to restore the chalet for your use or find alternative accommodation for you. While every effort is made to ensure operation of electric and electronic equipment provided, no warranty is given if any item is not operating due to circumstances beyond The Peak at Mt Kanimbla’s control.

The Peak at Mt Kanimbla reserves the right to transfer a guest booking from one chalet to another if the chalet booked is unavailable due to urgent maintenance, renovations or damage. No additional charge is payable by the guest if this represents an upgrade to a more expensive chalet. If the transfer is to the less expensive chalet, the guest will be refunded the difference in price and the entire stay will charged at the lower rate of the chalet they are moved to.

Venturing outside

Given that they chalets are in such a secluded natural location, there is much natural wildlife around, and as gorgeous as some animals are, they are not tame and will not venture near people. Guests must not attempt to feed them, throw food from the balcony or BBQ area. All this does is draw vermin to the vicinity and creates more work for us as we have to then go out and try to search for and gather it all up after guests depart. This is time consuming and really not that much fun. Thus we may charge you for extra cleaning.

If guests choose to go walking on the property, they do so at their own risk and The Peak at Mt Kanimbla accepts no responsibility for damages or injury incurred. The terrain is uneven and unstable in places and there are dangers from wildlife. If guests choose to wander around the property and up to the lookout at the Peak we ask that you respect the privacy of other guests and not approach the other chalet or trespass onto neighbouring land. The wearing of long trousers and appropriate covered footwear is strongly recommended when outside.

Tobacco and alcohol
Smoking is not permitted inside the chalets and in the spa room. An outdoor ashtray is provided for smokers on the verandah of the chalets, and smoking is permitted on the verandah. Smoking elsewhere on the property, including the summit, is not allowed due to the bushfire risk. In dry, windy conditions, smoking may also be restricted on the verandah. If you are a smoker, please ask for an update on local conditions when you check in.

Alcohol is viewed as a vital aid to celebrations that should be encouraged. It is however assumed that you know your limitations, your partner is amenable and you are able to adhere to all the other terms and conditions whilst in a state of intoxication. We do also respect your choice to keep your liver healthy and not drink alcohol.

Cleaning & Linen Charges
Additional cleaning and linen changes can be arranged for an extra charge. It is expected that guests leave the premises in a reasonably clean state before leaving. For bookings of six days or more and at the guest’s request, bedding can be changed with prior arrangement at no additional cost midway through your stay.