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Regional travel restrictions have been lifted, so you can proceed to book your stay at The Peak!

As a precaution, we are only accepting one booking per chalet per week (min 2 night stay). Don't delay, book your Spring or Summer escape now!


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Honeymoon Escape

Honeymoon Escape

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"best spa in the Blue Mountains"

Recline in your own private hot tub and sip champagne as you look out through full length windows onto stunning views!

Enjoy the hot tub

Eagle hot tub Blue Mountains

Didn't think it was possible to feel so refreshed and reinvigorated in two days.... A & D
The spa relaxed our limbs in a beautiful, relaxing way...and the view, wonderful S & C
What a magnificent view from the spa! C & P

There are few activities as indulgent as reclining in your own indoor hot tub spa while you look down on spectacular scenery, or up into the starry night sky. Combine that with complete uninterrupted seclusion and a glass of champagne in your hand and you're in heaven.

Unlike most jacuzzis or hot tubs that use chlorine to sterilize them, The Peak's hot tubs use an ozone system that keeps the water clean and crystal clear. Thus, there is no odour and the water is gentle on your skin.

Ozone spas also claim to have therapeutic properties, so they are highly recommended when you need to destress and relax.

Please note that the spa does need some TLC from you to remain in optimum condition. If you use massage oils, we ask that you shower before entering the hot tub as the oil can clog the spa filters. Bubble bath oils, soaps or bath bombs also clog the filters so are not permitted.

Recommended temperature for the spa is between 36 degrees and 38 degrees, although you may appreciate a cooler dip during the summer months. If you are pregnant, please also check the recommended temperature with your doctor prior to visiting.

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